Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Kid's Life: Watertown

Today, my bro's and I just went out for a cruise around Watertown. It was like a flashback to the good ol' days we had as kids when we thought Watertown had EVERYTHING. After stopping by the bank (and asking for candy suckers) we had to make our regular trip to Vinnie's (St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store for the less fortunate who haven't discovered it yet). Upon entering we were pleased to find that all clothes were 50% off - woohoo!? and so were all computer products - anyone need an extra copy of Encarta '97 or possibly a black/white 11" monitor? I could swing you a deal for something like . . . 50 cents. We grabbed our free loaf of bread and chatted with Mrs. McCarnan. After taking a quick glance at the board games we browsed the bargain room - ya, they have a discount room at a thrift store = go figure! We actually walked by the shoes and clothes, but didn't find anything (recent findings were a pair of Florsheim's for $2 and Nike sandals $1.25 - now that's a deal). All-in-all today we spent $0.53 for two LP Records. If you know anything about Watertown or Wisconsin, you know we love our cheese. Kraemer's is right next to Vinnie's so we stopped on in to grab some cheese spread. After driving through our old neighborhood we recounted the memories of our paper route - dogs, slips, tips, freezing cold, etc - we could still remember every house and whether they did/didn't get the paper. Our last stop was to Tom's United Foods. After walking through a few aisles we realized that the monster-of-a-store that we traversed as kids had somehow shrunk to a mini grocery store??? Passing by the deli we all noticed the Lunchable shrine and remembered the good old days when you were automatically inducted into the "upper class society of 2nd grade" on the day that your parents bought you a Lunchable to take to school - these days usually came on field trips for me.
Ah yes, life as a kid. Wasn't it wonderful?

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Jordon said...

LOL, I love it. I was just talking with Daniel the other day about the things that we used to do when we were younger. It is amazing how fast we grow up. It also makes me realize how important it is that we use the little time that we do have for God's Glory.