Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Great is our God!

Yesterday was a wonderful day to worship God. Matt and I went to Cottage Grove Baptist Church and thoroughly enjoy attending. Here's something crazy - I'm teaching Greek to the people - now that's scary! I really should know something, but its good review for me too. For the Greek lesson I reviewed the Alphabet. Some of the people are really getting into it. Next week I will take a big jump and talk about sentence structure.

For Sunday School, Pastor has been going through the book of Romans. We are currently on vv. 17-18 about our inheritance in Christ. It has been a great series and I like the questions (or study guides) that he passes out the previous week. He gives me 10-15 minutes after the lesson to teach Greek. BTW –we had one new visitor, an elderly lady from the area. She just got saved a few years ago, but is very knowledgeable. She had visited a church in Madison and Pastor Mayhak (another church planter in Madison) let Pastor Brill know about her desire to be in church. Jordon, Daniel and Pastor were able to make a ramp to wheel her into their van – what a blessing!

Sunday morning Pastor reviewed the entire book of I Samuel. It was so neat to go through the book again. He had been going through chapter by chapter and I loved the review and seeing the big picture.

The afternoon meal was a great meal of chicken and all the rest. It was so good! Matthew spoke on wisdom in James and we started calling people for the “Phones for You” program. We have almost 125 contacts that we can send information to. We have 10,000 contacts in the Cottage Grove area that we are calling to ask if we can send information. It’s a fun adventure and great practice for future ministry (Lw).

When we got home from church I really felt like going to Calvary for the evening service. I got on the church website and is said the message was about the “(2nd) Most Important Decision of Your Life” from Gen. 2, Marriage. I loved going. It was true worship. A group sang “Amazing Love” that was sweet. It was also cool to get to see people that wee haven’t talked to for a while.

All in all – One sweet day.

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