Monday, August 28, 2006

What an AWESOME God we serve!

I can't stop myself from thinking how great of a God we serve. Tonight was the opening of Maranataha's Evangelistic meeitngs with Will Galkin and I was both challenged and blessed. His message was from Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1 focusing on "What does it mean to Remember thy Creator?" God has created us to enjoy life, and we can go about our own lives forgetting HIM. I know that is my most persisitent problem. I become self-sufficient and forget who is sustaining me. God has taught me so much, that I could never think of turning my back on Him, but I do it so much. Will used a couple of phrases that really spoke to me:
It is only God that creates an eternal curiosity
Eccl. 12:1 warns that if our focus is not on God, then we will come to the point when we say "I have no pleasure"
A God-focus results in obedience.

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